Specialist music classes for babies and children under five. 


New Year, New Music

This term we have lots of engaging original songs, composed specifically to help little ones learn about the fundamentals of music! We are looking forward to riding ponies in Clip-Clop Horses and sing forte and piano

Music is composed by our class teachers, who are all trained musicians.

Term Dates

April/ May 2021 

Bath | Mondays | 19th April - 24th May

West London | Mondays | 19th April - 24th May

Frome | Wednesdays | 21st April - 26th May

Bradford-on-Avon | Fridays | 23rd April - 28th May

Class Venues

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We have much smaller class sizes at the moment, so please book your space before attending. 

When we're unable to provide face to face classes, online classes provide a different but still thoroughly musical experience! 

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"I enjoyed the session so much. It felt very safe and I could see you have put a lot of thinking and preparation to make sure the session is safe for everyone and we really appreciate it. It really gave me a feeling of normal life and I have to say, it really made my day (if not the week!) and we are really looking forward to the next session!"

— Eleanna, parent