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Specialist music classes for babies and children under five. 


September 2023

We hope you had a lovely summer holiday and Scales and the team are so pleased to be back in class from September! 

If you're rejoining us this academic year, welcome back! And if you're new or thinking of joining, we look forward to meeting you in your taster class. 

This term is all about rhythm! We have a new original song to explore, called Rhythm Cats, and each class will be filled with enjoyable and catchy songs to teach your little ones (and often parents!) all about the fundamentals of music: 

Rhythm, Pitch, Expression, Melody and Harmony!

Class Venues

Book a Taster Class

We are now taking bookings! If you are new to Little Piccolos, you are welcome to try a taster class at your chosen venue to make sure the timings, journey and class are right for you. 

Why music? Music is proven to support children's development through playing and singing together. Each class is filled with this practise and songs to take home with you! 

To enquire or book a space, please contact the class teacher through the 'venues' page on our website. 


"I enjoyed the session so much. It felt very safe and I could see you have put a lot of thinking and preparation to make sure the session is safe for everyone and we really appreciate it. It really gave me a feeling of normal life and I have to say, it really made my day (if not the week!) and we are really looking forward to the next session!"

— Eleanna, parent

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