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Working on a Workshop

During the Easter holidays we will be running a workshop on instruments, singing and moving to music!

What's in a workshop?

In the workshop we will have a guest musician, playing their instrument for children to discover what they sound like and how they work. The class will be our usual energetic and musical class with catchy songs, puppets and props and high quality instruments to play.


2 - 4 year olds:

This class will be full of catchy songs to sing, moving to music and puppets and vibrant props to bring the songs to life. Our guest musician will play a short piece to demonstrate their instrument and accompany some of our songs.

4-6 year olds:

The older class will be an active class of singing and dancing. We have bright and colourful props and real percussion instruments to play, no plastic toys in sight! Our guest musician will play along with some of our songs and show us how their instrument works.


To come along to a class, you'll be to book your space. The workshop will be 40-45 minutes long and cost £7 and £3 for siblings over 1. Booking will be available soon, just email Ella. Payment will be accepted upfront to reserve your space!

(Eggs picture from <a href=''>Designed by Freepik</a>)


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