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Easter Workshop - booking open!

This year we welcome pianist, jazz musician and musical director, Lauren Davies to join us for our Easter Workshop.

Inspire your children over the holidays with an engaging and active music class, with a live piano performance, specifically designed for children aged 3 months to 5 years.

We all know of the benefit music has for children (if you don't just watch this short TED-Ed video!), and Little Piccolos classes and workshops are full of original songs, composed to be friendly to young ears and to give a solid foundation for learning music.

Each class has it's own feel and priorities based on the developmental age of the children, here's a guide to the workshops:

Babies (3 - 18 months) - An hour workshop of songs with colourful and sensory props, live piano, instruments to explore and offering a unique bonding experience for adult and baby.

9am to 10am, tickets £10 (£3 for accompanying siblings)

Toddlers Workshop (18 months - 2.5 years) - An hour workshop full of catchy original songs, moving to music and playing instruments, with live piano performance.

10am - 11am, tickets £10 (£3 siblings over 1, free for siblings under 1)

Pre-Schoolers Workshop (2.5 - 5 years) - An active hour workshop filled with upbeat movement songs, catchy tunes, learning to play instruments in time and playing/ singing along to live piano. 11am - 12pm, tickets £10 (£3 siblings over 1, free for siblings under 1)

Booking is open now, please email with your name, child's name, child's DOB and the workshop you'd like to attend. Or if you have any questions just email Ella!

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